There a lot of miraculous plant and herbs grown by blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. It contains A kind of good smelling Grass widespread in that area, Sanjivani Booti, Chandan, Aanwala, Dhanvana, and many undefined and unresearched plants and herbs in highest genetic (DNA) state[immortal state]. and crossing the species criteria limit are present. That Herb Medicine should be taken in only on the place Giroudpuri. For cure from Coma, Brain Dead,Head Injury,Traumatic brain injury, Cancer, Heart Diseases, All diseases. These herbs are actually blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. The main thing is Blessing of Satguru Ghasidas. The patient suffer from any disease should Stay here for some days[1 to 40 days]. and drink the Water of Charann Kund, Amrit Kund, Amar Kund & Panch Kund and take some kinds of Grass and Herbs with prescription of local Vaidya.