Satguru Charann (Feet of Satguru)Edit

First the feet of Satguru is worshipped. First we worship the feet and Charann Khadaau [Chandan Wooden Shoes of Satguru] and the dust particle of feet of Satguru Ghasidas.

The Main Teaching of Satguru Ghasidas. Edit

The main teaching of Satguru Ghasidas is only one word “Satnam” seed. Rest of all the things in world is stem, branches and leaves. And a 7 metre long Standard Cylindrical White Universe Victory Pillar (Shrishti Vijay Stambh) with a white rectangular flag of Satnam. He always present at all jai stambh, empty Satguru gaddi, white satnam flag in the visual picturized soul \ spiritual form. In the form of white bright Circlular point. which later picturize as Live Running, Walking, Talking Satpurush SATNAM Satguru Ghasidas. It is true.

Seven Teachings of Satguru Ghasidas Edit

The Seven Teachings of Satguru Ghasidas

1. Satya - Truth \ True Action
2. Dhairya - Patience
3. Lagan - Dedication
4. Karoonna, Dayaa, Kshamaa - Kindness, Pardon
5. Karm – Karm Yog - Labour
6. Saralataa - Simplicity
7. Vyavahaar - Vyavahaarikata - Practility – Practical Life

Guru Ghasidas Lila 1

Photograph :- Guru Ghasidas

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