Satlok Edit

Satlok is the Top Most Heaven. Satlok is a true thing. Many Knowledge and text about Satnam come from satlok. Satguru Satnam Satpurush Gosain shows many people Satlok. We can understand Guru’s “Tantravad” by the tradition “Satlok”. Satlok is comparable with the Yugnaddha of Buddhist tantra. Basically satlok Or Yugnaddha means ‘Ekya ke param siddhant mein dwait ka sanshlesham’. This theory has been elaborated in the fifth chapter of ‘yugnadhkram’. Guru is living example of God He enlightens his disciple and makes Him attain god. In all the “Panthi Geets” several steps have been written in the honour of Guru. Guru is not considered as a common man. There is no difference between Guru and God. Guru has been placed at par with father, mother and God. Guru can save you from Lord Shiva’s anger but no one can save you from guru’s anger.